Do You Know Your Sense Factor?

While walking down the street you hear a siren and look back at a fire engine.

While shopping for a new winter coat, you pass your hand over a fluffy one, and immediately realize this is rabbit fur; you picture a warm rabbit in the snow.

Strolling down the street, you smell the sweet aroma of a freshly baked pastries, your mouth waters as you realize you are walking towards a gourmet bakery where you can buy a warm tasty treat.

You won a prize, they bring out three exotic cars and you are told you can have one for free. You look at them and pick the sleek, aerodynamic candy red Ferrari.

So, back to your sense factor, do you know it?

What exactly is a “sense factor” ?

Well, in every one of these situations, we are having some sort of experience. When we encounter these experiences we are put into a state, and in this state, we experience several levels of perception: sound, sight, touch, smell, taste and mental projection. The combination of these senses and how intense they are dictate our experience.

Ok, so what’s with all the sense factor stuff?

Well, one of the most important states we have as affiliate marketers is the state of being “in the zone”. When everything is flowing perfectly, the right music is on, your brain juices are at their max, you might have a nice warm mug of liquid caffeine. Whatever that combination is, only you know what that zone feels like and only you know what’s involved in getting you into that zone.

And so that’s what this email is about; it’s about knowing the right combination of senses that get you right into that “zone” of awesomeness.

For those of us that know, great! Go at it!

For those of you that know what I’m talking about, but you have yet to write down or analyze that state so you can easily pop in and out of it when and where you want…. start working on your sense factor! Next time you get in the zone, grab a pen and immediately write down everything around you, the sounds, the sights, the temperature, the clothes you are wearing, the position of your boy, are you wearing headphones, are you leaning on a table?

Get this down.

Once you have it, practice getting into that state of awesomeness over and over again. Once you achieve this, congratulate yourself, you will be one step closer to the true affiliate marketing lifestyle.

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