When it comes to being an entrepreneur, we often want to do it all by ourselves (the ‘it’s my kitchen I’m gonna do the cooking’ do-it-all syndrome).

You know that feeling?

“I can do it all much better than others? I don’t need help.” 

When it comes to starting or running your own online business we tend to do all the work which leaves us with our hands tied, not propelling as fast as we want.

Know that this is one of the highest reasons over 50% of all business fail within their first 12 months and an additional 40% within the following 4 years.

Crazy huh?  A whopping 90% of all new businesses that end up closing- all because they didn’t have the right planning or ended up trying to do it all by themselves.

Do not fall into that trap when starting out...

  • Maybe you already have an up and running business but feel stuck and not sure what direction you have to go from here on?
  • Maybe you are feeling a bit lost?

In this type of business, it’s normal we get stuck…

  • But why is that?
  • Why do so many people fail along the way?

It often comes from being overwhelmed and not having the right planning.

We get allured into this online world with one promise after another of making the BIG BUCKS overnight or within a short period of time.

The “total freedom lifestyle” speaks to the majority of the world.

Who wouldn’t want to be free from lurking bills, an alarm clock, a boss that’s always after you?

That’s why you want to start or have already started your own online business in the first place, right?

To control your own time 100%… Be with your family and do what you want, run your own schedule…

This is the exact reason we have created Affiliate Expert Academy’s Mentorship program.

To make sure you are constantly aligned with your dream and goals and on the right path.

  • This mentorship program is for those that need that extra guidance and want the roadmap to achieve their success.
  • This mentorship program is for those that want to see results fast and skip the trials and errors that come in the first couple years of running an online business.

In short, our program is for:

  • Bloggers, Freelancers, People with Passion, Social Media Experts
  • Existing (online or offline) Business Owners – those that are looking to learn techniques to create more traffic, customers, and an increased presence – online or locally.
  • Internet Marketers/ Affiliate Marketers – those that are advanced and experienced online that are looking to send traffic to a sales funnel right away to generate leads and create sales.
  • Network Marketers – those that have been within Network Marketing for more than a year and are looking for Increased Mindset, Internet Marketing Training, and Lead Generation.

Having the right mentors that have already reached the level you desire and having the opportunity to learn directly from them, can and WILL change your business completely.

Here at the Academy, Michael Rich and Frederik Drejfald (the founders behind Affiliate Expert Academy and the Million dollar business NAMoffers) are offering their timeand expertise to help their students.

However, this is only for a limited period of time as they can only train so many people.

Both Michael and Frederik are full-blooded Entrepreneurs and been working the online business for a combined 20+ years…

On the side, while running their companies, they are also affiliates themselves…  Having the right knowledge, understanding the scope of the market, and assessing the latest trends are the reasons that AEA’s Mentorship Program has so many success stories already.

Just look on below link and see how many of our affiliates have made money with us… and this is just beginning.

www.affpaying.com/NAMoffers >>NAMoffers testimonials

Below you can see some of our other Affiliate Expert Academy testimonials.

[Testimonials here]

[Testimonials here]

[Testimonials here]

[Testimonials here]

If you are ready to take our personal program, click on the link below and see our options.

As you will see, we are offering 3 solutions as we understand everyone’s needs vary.

Our best seller is the 90 min personalized program where you a private coaching via Google Hangout with Michael and Frederik.  In this 90 minutes, they will split open your business and put it all together again in a way that fits your needs and leave you with a complete roadmap as to what your next steps to success should be.

Go here now.


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