With over 1 billion members and countless groups within ANY niche you can imagine… Facebook is turning into a networking powerhouse that not only can help explode your network but, more importantly, make a fortune for yourself and your online business… if you play it right.

On the other hand it can also be a time killer, get you disoriented and lead you into the profession of being a ‘shiny object dream chaser.’

Question is: how do you balance it all and really make Facebook work for YOU and not the other way around?

To figure that out, two important questions needs to be answered.

  • Why are you really on Facebook?
  • What do you seek there?

If you are there to connect with friends and have a chat here and there this post might not be for you

That said, if you are there to find ways to make more money, work your online business more effectively, and expand your network with other like-minded people…. we invite you to keep reading for you are about to learn something pretty cool.

Assuming you’re on Facebook, you have probably already joined a few groups, right?

Do any of these groups you’re in give any value? Or said in a different way are they worth your time?

Most people that are in groups scan each post fairly quickly, put a few likes and comments here and there… and never get to use any of the information they see.  Truth be told, most of the info you’ll see is not worth much anyway.

That said, with over ONE BILLON people on Facebook you can find groups that provide extremely high value to those that are in them.

Most of these groups are either closed or even secret and come with some kind of membership fee, which easily can be a few hundred dollars.

For example, here’s a comment stream from one of our recent training sessions we gave to our group members.  This is the kind of value you should be looking for… Of course only if you are in the online space.


market research

If you look the right places (and you know where to look) you can basically find ALL the information you’ll ever need in groups that can take your online business to an entire new level.

Facebook is not just a social media platform… that chapter is over.

Facebook is a native advertising mecca for every affiliate, internet-marketer, product owner, small business owner, and lifestyle entrepreneur.

Knowing how to capitalize on that has been the secret weapon for many of the 6-figures income earners and above you’ll find online today. 

It’s the #1 place to feed an audience and get instant feedback and results… if you build your tribe correctly.

Now this post is NOT about how to make money on groups and build tribes, but to share that if you are able to access that one group (that can be the missing link you been looking for all along), it’s game on!

You can literally explode your business… FAST.

Using a network like this wasn’t possible before this social media giant.  Before Facebook you could not create a super targeted niche-community of a few hundred people within a few days. Today you can… and that is why groups on Facebook can be your lifeline for you and your business.

That being said – if you are not yet in a group that gives you the tips, value, accountability and insight you’re looking for, your time on Facebook is not spent effectively.

To make things easier we have created a group of a few hundred affiliates, internet marketers, product owners, small business owners, and lifestyle entrepreneurs that all seek what you do.

See what our members say to why they are in there.

Roberto M - FB
Peter L - FB


You see the power of being in the right group can not only give you insight, new ideas, but also a network of liked-minded people… and if you understand that having a large network is your key in.. Well, this is a no-brainer.

That said, people in our group are of a special breed and understand having an online business requires a unique mindset.  That’s why we don’t just invite anyone to our group.

If you understand that:

  • Running an online business requires spending money on tools and traffic and that money does NOT fall down from the sky overnight without focused effort…
  • Time is the ONLY factor for you to truly get there with consistent practice…

We hereby invite you to our closed VIP group at Affiliate Expert Academy, where you can access information that you normally would have to pay thousands of dollars to get your hands on.

The theme of the group is to focus on the below 5 keystones you’ll need to run a successful 6 and 7-figure online business.

  • Market Research
  • Funnels
  • Tracking
  • Traffic
  • Optimizations

As you can see on the screenshot below, we constantly offer value to our members.  Our ONLY focus is to become the one group with the most 6 and 7-figure earners on the planet.



affiliate terms

sales funnels


Said in another way… when you get into our group you’ll get access to,

  • Our money making traffic strategies
  • Sales funnels
  • Hands-on training videos
  • Superior assistance

When combined with our insider tips and access to Premier Internet Marketing tools to maximize your profit and business, you are setup to conquer your market.

You might wonder why we give all this away? Maybe there’s a catch to it?

Let’s be honest. There ALWAYS is.

For us to give all this away, we do ask for a commitment.

We have been in the business for a lot of years, earning a large amount of money online (mostly from being our own affiliates, but also from our Affiliate Network, NAMoffers)

In fact, you can see some of our affiliate accounts below. Not that I’m here to brag, but to put the proof into the pudding.  We know how to make a lot of money online.


Without asking anything in return would NOT make us business people – so yes there is a catch. Read below.

To Get Access to Our Group, Our Members, Our Training, and Everything In Between We Made Our Offer Irresistible by Offering  You A Lifetime Membership. That Way You Can Take All the Time Needed to Get Your Head Around All Our Training. 

Thats lifetime access to our group, our training, the Affiliate Expert Academy, NAMoffers (Premier Affiliate Network), top offers, methods and MUCH more.  All you need to do is to apply to the group and fill out a survey. That’s it!

It’s a steal… Seriously.

Before you jump in we need to say this.

The reason we do this is because we are looking for our next success story.

In other words, we are looking for those that want to go that extra mile.  And because of that, we are ONLY looking for people that:

  • Will take massive action
  • Are committed
  • Have money to spend
  • Are ready to do whatever it takes
  • Can find the hours of the day to do what is necessary

If you are not ready to step outside of your comfort zone, this group is NOT for you.

If you are ready to take it to the next level, and become our next success story, then apply here to gain instant access to our VIP group.

We’ll see you in there.



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