Everyone on this Earth is energetic.  No, I do not refer to caffeinated energy or lack there of… I am referring to the energy that is amongst us, bouncing between each of us, shifting the planets and keeping the light from the dark.

We are all given so much potential and energy; it’s a matter of how we use it that will make the difference between success and failure, happiness and misery, self-love and self-loath.

I missed seeing the Full Lunar Eclipse this morning (April 15th, 2014).  But it intrigues me nonetheless.  If you are in North America and you saw it, I am jealous.  This particular eclipse is very powerful.  Perhaps the most powerful so far.  The energy that is surging from this eclipse can change you.  It can change your online business.  Make you more influential and powerful.

Beware that not all energy is created equal.  Yes, we all have MORE energy because of how the stars and planets have aligned, but be sure to lead this energy in the right direction.

Harness your new surge of energy into your future.  Avoid the naysayers, the negativity, the ego… these are all energy-vampires and you will find yourself filled with the same surge that you surround yourself with.  Take a look at yourself and your people, do you need to unplug from some relationships? Mabe plug into some new?

While reading up on the eclipse, I came across this great article:

This is the first eclipse that initiates a time frame of the greatest intensity. It is a time to evaluate what you are here for and whether or not you can gather up and use all that you have learned and studied and experienced in this life, taking it and stepping up into your responsibility to move forward and to evolve.

There will be a lot of complaining about how hard it is and how unprepared we are for this great task, but in the end, you are all you have; your talents, your wisdom, your commitment and your willingness to do the work. Turn the intensity of this time into something inspiring as you face the unknown, and be in gratitude.

You hold a huge amount of energy in your hands. It is up to you where you channel it. Into fear, doubt and negativity? Or into joy, inspiration and excitement for what the future may bring. Intensity can be productive, focused and extremely fulfilling if channeled into the right things. Don’t get distracted by other people’s dramas and negativity. Be inspired, grateful and full of awe!                   Read full article here


So with that said use the extra energy that’s around us these days to harvest your full potential in your online business.



Frederik Drejfald is the co-founder of Affiliate Expert Academy and NAMoffers Affiliate Network. Over the last 13 years, Frederik has invested all his time learning the ins and outs of the online space. All while serving thousands of individuals across the globe, helping each achieve their wildest dreams through mastering the skills of the Internet. Frederik is a Danish entrepreneur, business coach, mentor and avid thrill-seeker who believe in turning dreams into reality. Connect with him on Facebook or Google+ .

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