Hair Loss and Smart Pills Can…. [Swipe File For Two HOT Niches]

by | Aug 20, 2015

Hey there, Lately I’ve been getting a request from people asking me what niches are doing good, and because of that I decided to do something special. I will be sharing what is moving and shaking in the online world, or what I find to be working. If you are an affiliate and looking to get into a new market? Keep an eye out, for over the next few weeks I’ll be spending extra time digging into the market and find what is hot and share it with you. The reason I’m doing is for two reasons. 1) I love the data, and I’m already doing daily research so why not share some of it with you. 2) I have access to a bunch of data tools that don’t come cheap, and I know some might benefit from me doing it… and even, sign up to our affiliate network NAMoffers and start promoting some of our offers 😉 In the end, I do it because I love to share. Anyway… Without hair, you don’t need shampoo, but as an entrepreneur you work HARD to reach your dream goal. In fact, the world is only running faster and demanding more of us all. Hence, these smart pills are taken the market by storm. Yup, you guess right. Hair loss and smart brain pills can make you loads of money if you play it smart. If you are a part of our FB group you might already see the posts, but if not, I’ll give you the opportunity to take part of the goods today. In fact 3 days ago Rick (co-worker in NAMoffers) and I launched a new concept on Facebook that involves:

  • FB Fan page,
  • Website,
  • $10 a day per ad,
  • Five ads,
  • An offer.

And guess what on day one we already went breakeven. Day two (yesterday), we had an EPC on $0.012 and was paying $0.08 per click. Today… Well, that I will reveal soon along with the concept so you can copy/paste… It’s a no-brainer. The point I’m making is; when you know the right niche, and do the right market research you’ll see immediate results. Of course, you have to optimize your campaign, but in the end, it’s not that complicated. We tend to make it harder than it is… No wonder those smart pills are a hit, which brings me back to our two hot niches. What you can do, after reading this, is to plan your strategy on what you need, how you can set it up, and when you can have the campaign launched. It’s all about taking action, right? Otherwise, it’s… well you know. If you are in our FB group, we shared plenty of funnel and setups you can use for these two niches. Each of these niches offer a simple and very effective solution to a market of hungry consumers. If you are an entrepreneur, you might already be targeted on Facebook for especially the smart pills. If you are losing your hair because you been pulling on it too much, I’m sure you have seen a few hair loss ads. Either way below is two screenshots of the post I did in the group the other day. If you want to see them live, simply click the image and it will take you directly to the pillshair loss

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