We are now well into 2015 and we are in full-throttle work-mode again, well most of us are.

That said I wanted to post a few thoughts on what to consider for your online business to get the best start possible for 2015.

For what really happened last year?

  • What did you conquer for yourself and your business?
  • What were the biggest takeaways from last year?
  • What will you take with you in this New Year, and what things will you leave behind?

I’m sure you have done a lot of self-reflection and received a TON of emails with ideas and ways to get started, new programs to join, masterminds etc.

Being a part of MANY masterminds and Networks, serving hundreds and hundreds of affiliates (each being in their own masterminds, networks, buying programs, and trying new traffic sources with very little success back)… we hear and see it all and interestingly enough it’s the same thing we see over and over again.

In my perspective, I would say 2014 was the year of pleasing others rather than yourself.

With SOOOOOOO many new gurus popping up every single day saying, “I’ve got the new method or I can give you the fastest and cheapest clicks, best traffic network,” or whatever it may be.  All in all, most people have forgotten why these gurus get their results: they master their skills.

Being a part of masterminds, networks, and using the newest traffic source are all good, but the issue is when you put the focus towards getting the newest/latest thing and not being true to yourself.

Of all the people we have served, this has been the NO 1 issue and become the stumbling block for most of them, resulting in detrimental negativity like, “I’m not good enough for running a successful online business, I don’t have enough money, or this doesn’t work.”

The truth is whatever you go with online in today’s world works.  There is always enough money, enough people to serve, enough traffic to buy for each of us to dominate the market we are in.

In the end it all comes down to this:

  • Are you gaining income from the activities you work on each day?
  • Are you serving the people that are seeing your ads?
  • And finally are you making a large enough profit from what you are selling?

If the answer is yes, continue doing what you do, if not you might want to look at your process again, and consider what you can do to make it work…

Whatever you are sitting with you chose because you saw it as an opportunity – so stick to it and do NOT get blinded by other programs or masterminds till you have mastered what you have in the palm of your hand.

I know, you heard all this before… and it’s like the broken record that plays over and over again…

Let’s agree on this…

Let’s turn 2015 around.

If we put all the fluff aside for a moment and take a look at the steps…

What do you need to do with the methods or product you are sitting with in order to get more leads and sales today?

Obviously you need a niche and a product.

You need a domain name from which you run the offer.

You need pages to send the traffic too.

If you do the direct approach you need,

  1. Market Research
  2. Offer
  3. Blog
  4. Advertorial
  5. Retargeting
  6. Banners
  7. Tracking
  8. Traffic

And then you need to test the sh#t out of each of the above elements (some of you might have heard the word cloaker… I’m not the one to entice you to go that route but knowingly it can make you more money)

Now if you go with the indirect approach, things look a little different:

  1. Market Research
  2. Lead magnet
  3. Offer
  4. Capture page
  5. Thank you page
  6. Autoresponder
  7. Blog
  8. Advertorial
  9. Retargeting
  10. Banners
  11. Tracking
  12. Traffic

And again test the heck out of each of the above elements.

Take a look at the list again and ask yourself this question – “What can I do to improve my results from each of the above?

There is nothing more to it.

That’s it…

So the bigger question is how do you set each of these up? That’s where most people get a bit lost, and they end up back in the same place- lost and broke.

Make a decision today that you are going to master the list above…

You’ll go out and do your research, find the offers, get the pages done, and pick ONE traffic source and go with that…

Ask in the Mastermind group you are in, look into the programs you already have access to… see if you can find more answers there.

And do not be afraid to spend money on traffic… Remember you have to buy the data to be able to see what works…

Put $100 aside, $200 or $500+ – whatever you have available… use it on traffic for it’s there you’ll learn the most- and just do and review… Do it, review it, correct it, and do it better the next time.

To give you an example:

Over Christmas I was testing one of our own products (AEAtools) on PPV and basically added 2-5 new capture pages each day, added new keywords and URLS to my campaign and optimized it daily for 2 weeks.

I started paying $2 per lead and in the end, got it down to about $0.63 per lead on AVG… and was getting a constant flow of 25+ leads a day from just 3 keywords I found.

Now 25+ leads a day might not seem like a lot, but what do you think happens when I add 100 converting keywords and keep expanding my list?

You guessed right, I will get hundreds and hundreds of leads every single day, and upsell those in my funnel.

Take a look at this screenshot… As I was testing the AEAtools affiliate program I ended up getting an EPC over $1 on PPV and within a few days had over 150 leads with an AVG of $0.63 per lead… Cheapest was $0.39 per lead as you can see below. Not bad for just 2 weeks of optimization.


The point is it took me one hour a day for 2 weeks (over Christmas) to get there…. which really isn’t anything at all… but you gotta do the work to see the results.

And if you aren’t a part of a Mastermind group that can give you the answers you are looking for, or are in need of further assistance I encourage you to take a sneak peak into our private Facebook group and see if this is something for you… Just go here and check it out.

That said my wish to you — laser focus and massive action.  Let’s make 2015 the year you launch your spaceship.


Frederik Drejfald is the co-founder of Affiliate Expert Academy and NAMoffers – The Premier Affiliate Network. Over the last 13 years, Frederik has invested all his time learning the ins and outs of the online space. All while serving thousands of individuals across the globe, helping each achieve their wildest dreams through mastering the skills of the Internet. Frederik is a Danish entrepreneur, business coach, mentor and avid thrill-seeker who believe in turning dreams into reality. Connect with him on Facebook or Google+

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