So, you might be wondering what that formula is all about.

First, I wanted to follow up on a prior post where I talked about having Google favor your content in 3 simple steps.

Hope you enjoyed that post; if you didn’t read it (shame on you), go here now.

The post was good; however, it’s not always enough to be” told,” we also have to be “shown” why it’s important to do certain things.

DISCLAIMER: this is NOT a course on how to make money blogging… Well, technically you will in time, but it’s not the focus.

What we are going to do here is look deep into your content, see what works for your audience, figure out what is relevant enough, and transform all that into MONEY.

Let me explain.

The formula is the foundation for all this to happen, and it’s the method we use for ALL content we create.

The Formula: (E x 3) / (R + SERP) = (TT + $)

Let’s break it down.

E x 3 – is the AEA mantra:  Always Entertain your readers, Educate, and Elaborate. When you do those 3 simple steps each time, be sure each step includes R which is Relevance.

Being relevant is the only way to establish trust with your readers, clients etc…

Without relevancy in your copy, you will be overlooked and simply become a digit in the space.  You will never get to ANY money online without relevancy.

Remember what I told you about Google and being relevant?  That’s their formula for success, and the reason they would even consider sending traffic your way.

Being relevant isn’t all… It must be combined with the SERP which are ‘Search Engine Result Pages.’

SERP is where you will get your content placed and your TT fulfilled… meaning your ‘Target Traffic’…

Lastly, when you control this process to perfection and have a lock down on your TT, you will automatically start making money.

And there you go… That’s the formula to make money on your content, continually.

Sounds easy enough and it is; however, it requires focus for 30-90 days if you really want to master this.

Let me explain how YOU can make the above outcome happen with the 3 tools I gave you in my earlier post…

Imagine Google Putting You On A Test

They want to make sure what you deliver is relevant enough for their searches. Remember Google’s life line is to deliver fast and adequate results to their users. If they can’t keep that up- said simply, they will lose market shares.

So, before Google gives away their traffic and good placements, YOU have to prove that you in fact can write and entertain your readers.

You have to prove you can educate them long enough to keep them on your page, and stretch their minds (elaborate) and peak new ideas so they will return.

When you have shown that your content/site is “worthy” enough… you ignite the algorithm for achieving relevant data.

I know this might be a different way of looking at it, but when broken down… that’s what’s happening.

It takes time to get traffic from Google, which gives you enough time to practice your writing skills and become a relevant content source, drive enough traffic to your posts, and figure out what’s working the most.

Which of your posts get the most engagement?

You see, that is why we built BloggingSymphony in the first place… to get you out of your own way and start writing.

We teach you to find your identity in all this so you can start figuring out how you can make money on your passions and hobbies.

When you know what posts keep the readers engaged, you simply keep creating content within that arena (with different subject lines and topics of course)…

While you keep the content going, start reusing some of it for an e-book, creating a sales funnel, and building your email list.

Be sure to setup your Facebook profile and get your name out there based ONLY on your engaging content (the content which Google tells you is most engaging based on the 3 tools)…

You see how brilliant this is?

If not you might want to read that again, as it’s important you get it.

And again, this is not a formula on how to make money on your blog… No, your blog is just the tool.  It’s your space to place your content so Google can find it, rate it, and start sending traffic to it.  Then you can hone in on what content to convert into other mediums.

Well, you can also use Bing for more data, but in this case I’m just using Google- I’m a fan.

Using The 3 Tools

Google webmaster tools are used to gather information about which of our posts are getting impressions and clicks in the SERP (Search Engine Pages), meaning which posts shows up under which search queries (keywords).

This is the first step of the process.

It’s there that the E x 3 and R come into play…

What happens is Google sends out their small crawlers (basically a piece of software that scans the net for content 24/7) and matches content with the searches that come in from their users.

As they find new content they test it out and place your posts in various positions to see how the users act upon it.

This is the TEST!

  • Will anyone click on the post?
  • Are the headline and first part of the post entertaining enough for us to click on?
  • Does the content match what the original search was for?
  • Does it stand the trial to keep reading (does the user stay on the page long enough) or just close the page down as fast as it was opened?

A lot of small algorithms are in play here, and it all comes down to one thing… BEING RELEVANT!

Looking into the stats in Google Webmaster Tools, you should take notice of a few things:

content keywords

As you can see on the illustration above, we have our keywords first, then impressions, clicks and the CTR of each.

This stat is from one of our blogs covering one day.  The keywords you see are where our posts showed up on and resulted in a few clicks, meaning we got through phase one.

We got the user to click on our post…  now let’s see if the post was engaging enough to keep them reading.

To do that, we want to look at our next tool: Google Analytic.

In here you will see which pages got the most visits and “held” the user the longest.

content time

As you can see above we have two posts that really stand out.

These two posts have had the most clicks and kept the user the longest, which means we did what our formula promised.

We now know which keywords worked via Google Webmaster tool, and we know what kind of copy is getting the most engagement.

This Kind Of Data Is GOLD

The next step would be to use that data and do a few posts on Facebook. You could even post it on your fan page and boost the post as a sponsored ad using the keywords to find the right audience.

This is a perfect way to get the most out of your FB posts.

Another way is to take your most engaging posts and transform them into an e-book…  and give it out for free (and be sure to have an upsell in the end).

You can also take your posts and put it all together into a sales funnel.  Or use the content for your email list.

Being relevant builds trust, trust build clients, and clients buy your services.

The whole time you are building a list of people.  With relevance… your list will become buying clients soon enough once the trust and relationship develops.

A Quickie

The last of the 3 tools is a quickie… It’s basically a “back-up” tool to see if Google reads your posts (because you do want Google to read them).

Google Adsense.

If the ads that show up on your blog match your content, then you know the users that see your post are within your niche, and the clicks you will be getting are more relevant.

Now take all this data and use it as you please. Just make sure to use it.

First, we want to create content and do it well.  Not just for a day or for a week… do it for 90 days and you will have enough data to transform your business FAST.

So, if you want to get started, and learn how to write compelling content, sign up to the BloggingSymphony 30-day challenge.

It’s a free system that gives you the foundation to get started and start building a list, attracting clients, and so much more.

If you need more one-1-one training, we also offer a personalized program where we break down all of the above and tailor it to YOUR needs, YOUR passions and hobbies and hold you accountable.

Learn how to make money on what you like and already know in life.

Keep it simple, do the work, and see the magic happen.

Google has already done the work for you. Why not grab the tools and start making money?

I “Challenge” You!



Frederik Drejfald is the co-founder of Affiliate Expert Academy and NAMoffers Affiliate Network. Over the last 13 years, Frederik has invested all his time learning the ins and outs of the online space. All while serving thousands of individuals across the globe, helping each achieve their wildest dreams through mastering the skills of the Internet. Frederik is a Danish entrepreneur, business coach, mentor and avid thrill-seeker who believe in turning dreams into reality. Connect with him on Facebook or Google+ .

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