Wednesday, June 18th 2014 I sent below broadcast to our AEA list, which touches a sensitive topic that we still see many top marketers do…

Times are changing online as the consumers want more transparency… The better we get to target our audience/consumers the more we need to give them what they want… without faking your way through.

Read, learn and leave your comment. You are in for a treat.


======================================== Email below:

OMG – He just made $10,000 in under one hour (proof inside)

Can you believe it?

This guy just….STOP!!!

No, this email is not about how one guy made a ton of money
without spending any time or money along the way…

The headline had one purpose: to grab your attention and make
you open the email.

Did it work? It sure did as you are still reading this.

Being fooled is not uncommon today.

Learn how to do it the right way in today’s email.

You will learn a simple way to increase your sales via emails
and build more trust than any other online marketer. 

In fact, most people are doing this all wrong. Read and learn.

I’m sure you have seen people show off that their opening rates
are above 50% when sending out emails…

I’ve even seen people get an 89% opening rate… Fantastic, right?

Huge applause for that.

The reality is… it’s just an illusion to make them look good.

If you think about it – what is the reason they might be getting such
a high opening rate?

Of course some are just really good at cultivating their lists.   Which
still leads me to the question of just how often do they get these
kind of opening rates?

Once, twice, every time? You tell me.

The way I see it: the main reason is that these illusionists
(as I like to call them) simply trick people to open their emails.

That’s all.

It’s something we have all been taught in the countless Internet
Marketing products we have either bought or downloaded from
whatever torrent site.

“Make sure to have a headline that grabs attention and makes
people open your emails


You should have one. But what happens if you “trick” people to
open your email?

How often have you opened an email and when you started reading it,
it wasn’t what you hoped for?

It’s the exact same idea I used in this email– only different because
you actually are still reading this email. 🙂

When you open an email because you were tricked into reading the
content of it… and then realize it’s nothing that really keeps your interest…

What do you do?

Close it down, delete it… and when the next email comes from the
same person, you probably wouldn’t be too inclined to open it up again. 

You lost the trust.

As consumers, we are over the period of being tricked into things…

The new trend is to be fully transparent and tell people how it is…

Don’t come here and give me something I’m not really getting…  Just
tell me as it is and I will be more open and willing to buy from you…

That’s what is going on in the consumer’s head today… and I’m sure
in yours too. We all have had our fair share of stories to tell of things that
we got into, only to find out it was something else completely.

There is a new level of “illusion” that we still see today…

Of course we still have to “lure” people in a way that makes things seems
real and up front.

So for those people that show off their high openings rates, try and ask
how many sales they get from those emails compared to emails where
their opening rates are 10%-30%.

I guarantee they get more sales from emails that are transparent even
if they have less people open them.

So for you to increase your sales, the key is to be REAL and DIFFERENT…

In other words, give the consumer what they want and you will see an
increase in your sales.  You will gain a steady flow of new comers, and
you will automatically build trust with your audience.

This will keep your customers coming back, which in the end is our only goal,

Without customers… there’s no money to be made.

Alright that was today’s lesson.

Don’t Be An Illusionist and Fake People Out.

Be Real, And Focus On What Matters.

Until next time… Stay cool.

PS: If you want Real-Deal coaching… Michael and I have 2 spots left for our
1-on-1 coaching. 

Check the photo below that we got from one of our students….


Take action = results.

You can either do the same thing you are doing now with the herd,
or cut to the front of the line and get there faster.

Up to you… First come, first serve. Will you be our next super affiliate? 


Frederik Drejfald is the co-founder of Affiliate Expert Academy and NAMoffers Affiliate Network. Over the last 13 years, Frederik has invested all his time learning the ins and outs of the online space. All while serving thousands of individuals across the globe, helping each achieve their wildest dreams through mastering the skills of the Internet. Frederik is a Danish entrepreneur, business coach, mentor and avid thrill-seeker who believe in turning dreams into reality. Connect with him on Facebook or Google+ .

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