Affiliate Expert Academy has developed a concept we call Business-In-a-Box.

This concept is a way for people like you to start their online business in under one hour for less than $50…

That’s right: For less than $50 dollars you can get your foundation set up in no time.

So… what does it really take to start an online business today?

We are not talking about 50+ employees, 50 servers, or an infrastructure that requires several technical officers to run around.

No… what we are referring to is a simple yet highly effective way for you to get started working online from the comfort of your home, full time or in your spare time…

Whatever works best for you in your given situation…

This post is for those that want to get started fast, have a smaller budget, and want to learn the art of making money online….

If that’s you and you have yet to get started, congrats on taking the first step towards true entrepreneurship.

This is your first key step to laying down the right foundation.

With that all said, let’s look at the concept of our business-in-a-box.

Starting online is a matter of finding your true power… your identity so to speak.

Once you have conquered that, you are well on your way to making a profitable living online.

However this concept is only the first step.

You also need the roadmap to get there. Which you will be given in the end of this post: A FREE 30 day guide on how you can get started after you setup your Business-In-a-Box.

With that said, let’s take a look at some of the successful people we find online today. What is the reason for their success? What do all these guys have in common?

Below is a list of some of the people we follow here at the Academy… I’m sure you have your own list. If you take a look at each of their sites, what do you find?

What is it that connects these 5 people? Quite simply: they have their identity in order.

They know who they are online and where they want to go.

In other words, they OWN their space online. They set up a place anyone can go to and learn more about them and their capabilities.

To truly be successful online and do this as your living, you HAVE to establish you space.

We cannot stress this enough.

Without your space online – you will NOT be taken seriously and the dreams of having the Internet as your full time income will be short term.

To give you another example, let’s take a look at our Affiliate Network, NAMoffers. Below you can see how our space looks.

So what does ‘having a space online’ entail?

It doesn’t matter if you are looking to promote other people’s products or setting up your own blog, there are a few fundamental tools you need first.

The first 3 essential tools you need from our Business-In-a-Box are:

  • Domain name
  • Hosting
  • Email provider

The reason you need a domain name is simple: To publish anything online you must have a domain

If you want to build yourself a blog, landing page, or capture page (as we also call it), you’ll need a domain name… It’s one of those things you can’t get around.

Next up, you need a hosting to ‘host’ your blog, landing page, capture page etc.  And lastly, an email provider to collect all the emails you get in and create newsletters, autoresponders, etc.

Yes, that’s right. We want to start collecting emails.

Have you ever heard the money is in the list? Well, that’s as true as it gets, but the money is in ‘how well you treat your list.’  And in order to have a list, you need an email provider.

Of the five examples of internet successes that we showed above, what would you guess is the second reason for their success online?

They have email lists. Not just one but multiple email lists which they can cultivate from over and over again.

Same goes with the Affiliate Expert Academy – just look at the sidebar of this post.  You’ll see we have several ways for you to get on our list? Maybe you are already on it, which is how you ended up here…

These are the standard tools all online marketers use today and your keystones to get started.

The tools are used by all our Affiliate Expert Academy students, along with our affiliates in NAMoffers.

All of them are great providers that prove to be reliable and deliver the product, the quality, the service, and the price you are looking for.

The providers we use are:

  • Domain name: Godaddy – $5 to $10 for a domain. Get it here.
  • Hosting: Hostgator – $6-$8/month for hosting unlimited data. Get it here.
  • Email Provider: GetResponse – $15/month -1000 emails. This is a favorite of mine.  Get it here.

A total investment of under $50 and you can be signed up in no time.

All of these are important elements that together create an image of trust, transparency and professionalism.

If we had a Fan page of 10 people, no website, no blog and no reviews would you take us seriously?

Probably not.

So first step in our Business-In-a-Box is to setup the above 3 tools.

Next step is to figure out what direction you wanna take… the possibilities are endless.

To figure that out we suggest you take a look at our VIP group.

Go here 

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