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So many of us that are in Affiliate Marketing have a hard time converting traffic into sales… and why is that?

What makes it so darn hard to convert traffic into an everlasting stream of sales?

Today I’m covering that topic. I’m also going to give you not only one but two high-converting methods you can use and implement right away.

Let’s jump straight into it.

First, this post will touch the emotion/feeling aspect and how to use that in your emails…. As emotions  is what makes or break anything we do online its a necessary topic to cover.

So please, keep a close eye as to what I do with the follow statements; it’s the first step to getting more sales.


This morning I was thinking to myself… Wow, it’s my 8th year of working from home, being my own boss. No alarm clock, no running around every morning to get up and get to work… It’s been a hell of a journey…

When I look outside my window down at the busy morning street here in Manhattan, I see people running around (like ants gathering food for their queen), stressing to get their freshly brewed coffee fast enough, only after lighting their morning unhealthy smelly cigarette just to get ready for another long day ahead.

Is that really what it has come down to for many people today?

I’m sitting here in my office chair, AT HOME. I just finished reading my book while listening to my classical music channel on Pandora thinking about my week, and
the weekend to come.

When does it end for those people… the majority that continues to run around the streets like ants? When does it end for you?

Maybe it has already; maybe you are on your way… Either way make sure to always look around you… and ask yourself this question:

“Is the position I’m in today leading me to what I believe is my perfect life?

Am I doing EVERYTHING I can to get there?

If the answer is no – what holds you back? What is it that makes you NOT do what is needed to get there?

  • Lack of time…?
  • Too much work?
  • Family etc…

They are all bad habits of everlasting excuses and they are hard to get rid of.

Did you know it only takes 30 min a day x 30 days to change your entire life around?

30 days. THAT’S IT!

That’s 15 hours out of a total of 720 hours in one calendar month.

For 30 min a day read a motivational book about controlling your time, ego, and subconscious mind. Practice it and you will automatically start being more structured in your day.

Find the necessary time you need to get closer to your perfect life. Remember to take time to close your eyes and focus on that special place of yours, your ideal life?

To get there, that’s all it takes…

The rest are just methods you have to practice. The same way you practice to play the guitar, write poems, dance, singing, swim, run, mathematics, or learn a new language.

It all boils down to simple systems you do repeatedly, which then create positive habits (which you learned from your 30 min daily readings) and will, in turn,
get you the results you are looking for.

That’s really it.

I know this is not like my normal emails talking about techniques, but instead, what makes the difference from those that sell online and those that don’t?

Are you connecting with your people, your audience? Are you giving them something they didn’t know, expect, or foresee…

You want to bring them the visual and warm feelings they crave deep inside.

Present them with a solution that can:

  1. Show them a way to get rid of something fast.
  2. Or how they can become better.

So how do we do that?

Simple… You do as I just did above.

You include 5 elements we call VAKOG.

  • V – Visual (the sight)
  • A – Auditory (sound)
  • K – Kinesthetic (feeling or emotions)
  • O – Olfactory (smell)
  • G – Gustatory (taste)

All of these 5 elements (which are simply the senses) are the ingredients of
real life experience.

Any time we experience anything, we go through these 5 stages.

Sometimes it’s only a few, other times you use all of them…

So for you to sell more, you HAVE to ramp up the intensity of these 5 elements so you can create a strong bond with whomever you connect with. And if you continue doing so you will create an audience that’s so hungry for more that they start coming to you. In other words you have created a starving crowd of hungry buyers…

And that right there, my dear friend, is your key to sell more.

Now try to go back and read my story again about me looking outside the window and see how I blend in the 5 elements and turn it into a few questions which force
you to think…

You see it?

So now we know that it’s a matter of putting it into action… but how do we manage to do that?

Well, as I explained in some of my past emails we use two methods here at NAMoffers.

The direct and indirect approach.

The indirect approach focuses on building your long term assets: your email list and how to cultivate it.

Your email list is the perfect way to use the VAKOG method.

It’s here that you connect with your audience on a deeper level.

It’s doesn’t matter if it’s your own personal email list to brand yourself or you are promoting a NAMoffers product/service, to make the sale we have to connect with our audience.

To make that easier on you I have attached an auto-responder series or sales funnel you can use to get started.

This funnel has shown to be highly effective on CPA offers if used properly.

Just click the link below to download them.

Download Here

Use above methodology and start implementing it today.

Take action and think of that perfect life of yours.

Use Affiliate Marketing and NAMoffers to get you there.

With that said… Happy weekend and talk to you next week.


Frederik Drejfald is the co-founder of Affiliate Expert Academy and NAMoffers Affiliate Network. Over the last 13 years, Frederik has invested all his time learning the ins and outs of the online space. All while serving thousands of individuals across the globe, helping each achieve their wildest dreams through mastering the skills of the Internet. Frederik is a Danish entrepreneur, business coach, mentor and avid thrill-seeker who believe in turning dreams into reality. Connect with him on Facebook or Google+ .

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