The BloggingSymphony 30-day challenge is over, and I have enough content to create at least one powerful e-book about how to write compelling content while finding your identity to actually start making money online.

I’ve got enough material to do 2 sales funnels, one for presenting the Affiliate Expert Academy business-in-a-box-solution, and a sales funnel for my BloggingSymphony.

I have data from Google that shows which of my posts got the most engagement, I’ve got clicks that tell which posts showed up on the search results, and I know now which of them are good enough to be clicked on, and keep the user on our pages.

… and that is just after 30-days.

You see BloggingSymphony is one of the most powerful programs ANYONE could use to start out- it gives that foundation any online business needs to survive in the market.

One of the older bloggers and content creators, Don Crowther, said the likes of this (on a recent hangout):

Content is king – only if you publish the right kind of content… and promote it in the right kind of way…

Any of the real big sites out there that pull in plus 10 million visits A DAY follow one specific method which allows them to get any kind of traffic to their sites.

Instead of

– creating content
– then hoping people will like it


– identify in advance which content will be most successful
– then they publish that content!
– Virtually guaranteeing their success!

Fascinating isn’t it?

The biggest content sites on the internet use the exact same technique as we do here at the BloggingSymphony; however, we bring it down to a much deeper and personal level.

We talk about how you can earn a living by being yourself, focusing on what you live for in life… your passions and/or hobbies.

How cool is that?

The question is how?

Well it’s simple and you already know how… but let me say it again:

You start by creating enough content, within your niche of course, and use Googles free tools to analyze what gets the clicks and keeps the users engaged.

Same idea as Don Crowther spoke of in the above – identifying in advance which content will be most successful.

You then discard the “bad” content. By that I mean the content that doesn’t get any visits, clicks, or keep the user on the page.

Focus ONLY on what you see works.

In time, you have content that works like magic for your user and keeps giving exactly what it is they want to read (still within your own niche).

Afterwards, you take that content and transform it into e-books, sales funnels, auto-reponders, Facebook posts, and so on.

I know I’ve said this before but I will say it again:

We reuse the content that works.

Content IS KING… However that’s only true if you’re publishing the RIGHT CONTENT… And the right content is the one that gets your clicks and readers

And that’s where the money is. That’s your way in.

Got it?

Or you need more help to really understand this process?

As my reader, it’s extremely important that you really understand what I’m giving you here.

Master this and you basically don’t need to do much more.

Of course there is much more to it… Just imagine what happens when we bring in paid traffic to this process?

It’s going to be a wild animal.

Can you say 10x BIGGER and FASTER results?

This post is the end of the first chapter on how to setup your online foundation while finding your identity via the BloggingSymphony.  Now I want to introduce you to the next chapter for we haven’t even started.

This is just the beginning of creating your online legacy, and the next chapter will be much more aggressive and fun.

I will take you through how to setup sales funnels and auto-responders, do your capture pages, and upsell your readers via your content… just to mention a few things.

I will show you how to explode your email list with just $5 a day, and how YOU can take your subscribers through a process that will leave them begging for more.

So my dear reader I thank you for the first 30 days.

Let me know what you think of this corner of the Internet in the comment area below.

Until next time… READ MY POSTS!


Frederik Drejfald is the founder of Affiliate Expert Academy and NAMoffers Affiliate Network. Over the last 13 years, Frederik has invested all his time learning the ins and outs of the online space. All while serving thousands of individuals across the globe, helping each achieve their wildest dreams through mastering the skills of the Internet. Frederik is a Danish entrepreneur, business coach, mentor and avid thrill-seeker who believe in turning dreams into reality. Connect with him on Facebook or Google+ .

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