11 Internet Marketing Tools To Run Through Fire For…

by | Apr 29, 2015

Have you heard about people watching across fire (hot coals)? 

I always wondered what the “secret” is…

Do people create a sweat barrier between their foot, and the hot coals?

Or is it some Bruce Lee “mind over matter” $hit?

Like, how do you build the courage to walk across hot coals…

Truth is…

I’d walk across fire for the 11 Internet Marketing tools I’m sharing in this blog post….

** If you’re in a rush, scroll down to see the 11 tools experts recommend **

These tools have allowed me to “make $hit happen” online…

  • To create an online business that provides an honest living, and a life time of freedom.
  • To develop personalized funnels w/ lead magnets, trip wires, products, and upsells.
  • To track all my campaigns from the click, to lead, to sale, to upsell found in my email series.
  • To split A/B test like a beast – 100’s of elements rotating to find the money spot!
  • To save 100’s of hours a month on building landing pages & doing market research!

By all means, you can follow the pack….

Go out and buy 25 tools…

AND feel confident investing your money into 25+ tools that probably distract you.

80% of the tools you’ll never use….

AND truth be told… It sucks wasting money!!

Then again, who really tells you what TOOLS the experts use?

It took Affiliate Expert Academy FIVE (5) years of testing 100’s of offers, on multiple traffic sources to figure this business out!

If you’re wondering what AEA recommends…

Below is the 11 tools I would “walk across hot coals” for…  

Some tools may appear obvious to you.

Most importantly…

You know the tools needed to run an online business!

The most important part about these tools…

You can create multiple steams of income to generate 6 figures for the rest of your life!

It took 2 years of focusing on my business, BUT it paid off…

DO IT! You’re just like me, HUMAN!

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